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So thin and light, boost your IoT business

Focus Systems
Professional thin-type beacon



FCS1301 by Focus Systems is a low energy thin type sensor device
based on Bluetooth® Smart technology.

Adjust your purpose and situation.

FCS1301 comes with a LED, a strap hole, a button and a buzzer for estimating various IoT businesses. So you can imagine not only sending signals but using for various purposes.

LED,Strap Hole,Button,Buzzer

3.5mm Thickness, 5g Weight.

The biggest feature of FCS1301 is
the thinness and the lightness.
It's easy to mount and carry
so that you can send various messages.

Based on Bluetooth® Smart

FCS1301 by Focus Systems follows Bluetooth® Low Energy.
It makes better connection due to reducing error when
sending mail and cutting electric power consumption.


Solution for location-tracking,
stop losing important stuff and security.

As a watch for need of children, pets, and the elderly. As detection and location indication of the position information of staff. Not only to promote attracting customers like in the O2O marketing, FCS1301 is a wearable device that can support a wide range of application.

  • As a watch for need of children, pets, and the elderly.
    As a watch for need of children, pets, and the elderly.
  • As a security device
    As a security device
  • A key holder can be hooked.
    A key holder can be hooked.

Tech Specs

Wireless 2.4Ghz frequency band. Bluetooth® Smart
Dimensions 46mm×24.5mm ×3.5mm
Weight 5g
Operating temperature -25℃~75℃
Initial beacon intervals 3 seconds
Configurable item Beacon intervals, transmission power, measured RSSI etxc
Battery Life 1 year
Approved countries Japan

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